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Who Are We?

MoveEvolution Physical Therapy is a NY-based rehabilitation and performance studio located in the heart of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. 

We are dedicated to treating the pain, injury, movement dysfunction and post-surgical conditon of the athlete, dancer, Crossfitter, musician, performing artist,  mixed martial artist, multi-sport enthusiast—folks who move for a living and live to move.  

Our Mission

MovEvolution’s mission is to consistently rely on evidence, research and experience to get you to your highest level of function, fitness, and performance in any form of work, play or sport.

Our Vision

“We build relationships, not just a client base. Once a Movevolution client, always a Movevolution client!”

Why come back to see us on the regular? 

You visit your MD for annual exams and your dentist for consistent cleanings, right? Your body is always changing, adapting and evolving. Fixing one problem does not mean others will not occur.

Avoid future pain, re-injury or dysfunction. Don’t  wait for them to return before seeing us. MovEvolution is here for your monthly or quarterly sessions, including bodywork, movement screens and tune-ups to your current training program.  

We build relationships, not just a client base.

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