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Lisa Steiner
Very more pain Richard is an amazing therapist. I have done mostly body work with him and am blown away at his precision finding the source of pain and a solution. I know where my weaknesses are and can have more awarness to avoid issues in the future.
Katie A
incredible physical therapist! Richard is so knowledgable and intuitive about how the body works. Without having physically examined me at all, he seemed to have an excellent grasp of the roots of my problems just from talking with me about my physical history. When it comes to the actual physical therapy, Richard is a miracle worker, an efficient one! After each session with him I always feel improvement in mobility and a decrease in pain. Also - bonus - Richard is just an amazing guy. He's warm and funny and really puts you at ease, and he's so damn smart! Accept no substitutes! Richard Symister is the real deal!
I'm a soccer player and back towards the start of the summer season I tore a muscle in my quad quite badly in our opening game. In my eagerness to get back to playing I returned too early and managed to exacerbate the problem even further. A painful predicament that would definitely need treatment if I was to get back to full fitness.

I asked around for recommendations from friends and was given the names of a number of spots in Manhattan. I'm based in Brooklyn so I decided to check out local options too. When I first contacted Richard he was the model of professionalism. He talked me through what to expect from a visit to his studio and made it very clear that initial diagnosis wasn't going to cost me anything. The vibe at MovEvolution is the first thing that catches you: Richard has created an atmosphere that is 100% conducive to healing and feeling comfortable. After less than half an hour of consultation I was completely convinced that he was the right guy to go with, I didn't even bother following up the Manhattan leads.

His approach, attitude and communication is exceptional, the man is a true professional. He's damn good at what he does too. After an initial estimate of maybe 5-7 sessions I was back playing competitively after 4!! I will definitely be going back for further strengthening sessions. Goes without saying that I would recommend Richard and MovEvolution to anyone needing physical therapy in a heartbeat: it's no aberration that everyone on here is giving him 5 stars, he totally deserves it.
Richard is the best physical therapist I've seen by far! I am going to him now with an inflamed quadriceps and tendon behind my left knee and after the first visit, I already noticed a difference. Each time I go, there is noticeable improvement.

In addition to the healing time (which is shockingly amazing!), Richard really treats his patients like friends. I actually look forward to going for therapy. After the first appointment, I got a text message from him seeing how I was feeling. I have never had a follow up message from a doctor unless there was a serious issue that needed a call back.

He is incredibly knowledgeable and loves sharing body knowledge if you'd like to learn. Between the vast array of body knowledge and how personable Richard is, I would recommend this physical therapy office to everyone over any other.
As a musician and performer, I was drawn to MovEvolution as it caters to people who "move for a living and live to move." That is definitely my case! With my partial calf tear I freaked, wondering if I could ever perform and play on a stage again...

...and then I entered MovEvolution and capoeira music was playing and the vibe was empowering. Richard is skilled physical therapist and coach. I say coach because so much of learning to walk again is overcoming the mind's fear of getting hurt again - and he's really direct and encouraging, makes me feel strong and capable of getting back on my feet. His availability for questions and guidance via email/msg is also incredibly helpful.

I recommend Richard for any and everyone seeking not only great Physical Therapy but also wishing to recover in the most positive and enriching way.

...while listening to great music too :-)
Ok people BRACE yourselves because Richard is the most talented Physical Therapist that is in BROOKLYN. This is not a no frill treatment place. Richard not only utilizes techniques from his profession, but he also expanded his expertise in yoga, tai chi - different sources of exercise from different genres to improve knee pain, back  pain, shoulder pain, what ever pain you have.

I started treatment with Richard in late 2007 after I ran the NYC Half Marathon and could not run any longer - Through various exercise -manual therapy and treatments, I was up and running again after three to four months. My knees were totally done at that time and could not walk properly with pain going up and down the stairs.

Recently - I participated in the Tough Mudder in April 2013 - I damaged my knees even more - I could not do a burpee - I could not do a squat - I could not do any lunges - as a matter of fact the orthopedic doctor said NO SQUATS for you at all. I knew what I had to do - Search for Richard - and I found him. Richard repaired my knees in THREE MONTHS - I can do squats - burpees - lunges with no issues at all.

I do not know what else to say about MovEvolution. If you are in pain of any sort - unbearable back, shoulder, knees, wrists, ankles - what ever it is - GO SEE RICHARD at MovEvolution.

I promise you - you will not REGRET it!
I don't think I've ever given a review this high. Richard is AMAZING. I came in with hip and knee pain and even after the first visit I was walking better. within just a couple of visits the pain was gone. He is excellent at diagnosis, teaching you exercises to do at home and offering practical solutions to the movement challenges that some of us who work at a desk face. He is excellent at both traditional PT and body work and also uses kinesio tape, cupping and heat treatments to maximize recovery. He listens and remembers and tailors the treatment to your ailments as well as your lifestyle. He truly changed my life.  The space he works in is a tranquil space and the music -- he will ask you what you want to hear but you'd be wise to let him pick -- is awesome and either motivating or calming, depending on the treatment. Thank you, Richard!!
I highly recommend this practice.  Richard is professional, courteous and very fairly priced.  He has a welcoming space and always plays great music.  Thanks to his good technique and the exercises he taught me I am fully recovered from having no motion in my wrist at all!  Great addition to Fort Greene.